26 June 2017

Today i just found a work from an amazing writer, Rupi Kaur. When I read her writings, suddenly it came to my mind to probably start a website. So I did some research and decided to have a wordpress blog, because apparently, you need to pay for a domain—which totally makes sense, why didn’t i think of this before?—and since I am a student and I don’t have any extra money to get my own domain. Well, I actually do have some money on my own but I’d rather spend my extra money on ice creams. Why would pay I for something I am not going to use anyway?

So here I am, typing on my laptop on a web I probably don’t remember ever making.

And since I am in the mood to write, I will tell you about one particular person.

Someone I was fond of.

Someone I am–still–fond of.

Someone whose smile made me smile.

Someone who has made me cry the ocean.



Wherever you are, know that you were the one who taught how hard it was to breathe and how beautiful it was to have my lungs filled with flowers everytime you were near.

It was how I felt back then.


What about now? What happened to me now when you are near?


Just like us now. Aren’t we?








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